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[In the section below, we highlight some of the recent work by this region, excerpted from our FY15 Connecting Activities report.  Please use the link above to visit the region's website, where you can learn about the full range of its adult and youth activities.]

The Cape and Islands WIB (CIWIB) has generated a significant amount of private sector wage match through brokering internships, which, as earlier indicated, is a core expectation of the CA initiative in all regions. In the past two years students in the region have earned a combined income of more than a million dollars in wages, ranging from $8.00 to $16.00 per hour as a result of the CA brokering work. This significant outcome means that many teens got jobs through CA, which is a powerful response to dismal job prospects for the age group in the region.

The CIWIB has also been responsive to the emphasis placed by ESE in recent years on serving youth at risk of dropping out of school. This emphasis was initially developed by ESE to ensure that the CA initiative is aligned with and contributing to one of ESE’s leading overarching goals for the state to improve graduation rates across the state. The CIWIB’s school to career programs at Dennis Yarmouth Regional High School and Barnstable High School typically serve the largest number of students in the region and these two districts have the highest at risk student populations on Cape Cod. The CIWIB works with these districts to support their efforts to engage these youth in their education and motivate them to stay in school and graduate.

A signature project of the CA initiative on the Cape is the ArtWorks Program which is a school to career program that targets students interested in the creative economy and matches them with employer mentors in that sector. Students not only learn new skills in their artistic endeavors but they also learn about the business side of being an artist. The artwork of the students and their mentors is displayed at three museums/cultural centers on Cape Cod, and the students’ work is exhibited at the Statehouse in the region’s legislative offices. 

Districts: Barnstable, Cape Cod Regional Technical High School, Dennis-Yarmouth, Falmouth, Martha’s Vineyard, Mashpee, Monomoy-Chatham, Monomoy-Harwich, Nantucket, Southeast Alternative School, Upper Cape Cod Regional Technical High School

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