Why Join the Connecting Activities School Network?

Our schools hold the key to full preparation of all of our youth for "Success After High School," the over-arching mission of the MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.  Importantly, many schools are now moving away from a narrow focus on academic preparation alone to ensure that their students are college and career ready.  This is because, as their leaders know, academic learning is essential, but no longer sufficient, to prepare for life after high school.  Students also need work readiness preparation, as well as skills in the personal/social domain.  School leaders also know that these can not be provided solely within the confines of a traditional classroom, or single-handedly by teachers.

Connecting Activities offers school leaders access to the wide range of organizations beyond the school walls where students can apply their learning, and experience the connection between their academics and their futures after high school.  Schools need help to provide students with access to those settings and the experiences they offer.  Schools simply don't have the people power to accomplish this alone.  The power of Connecting Activities rests in its capacity to help meet that need, and to do it across an entire region of employers, not just those confined to one city or town. 

Already, 192 high schools, half of the 385 high schools in the Commonwealth, are part of the Connecting Activities network for this very purpose.  Education leaders in all of our high schools are invited to join this substantial network of partner and member schools, to be better able to work with their local WIBs to tap into their communities' capacity to support student learning and experiences.  


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