Pathways to Prosperity Report, HGSE
Definition of College and Career Readiness

Massachusetts students who are college and career ready will demonstrate the knowledge, skills and abilities that are necessary to successfully complete entry-level, credit-bearing college courses, participate in certificate or workplace training programs, and enter economically viable career pathways. In order to meet this goal, the Commonwealth has defined a set of learning competencies, intellectual capacities and experiences essential for all students to become lifelong learners; positive contributors to their families, workplaces and communities; and successfully engaged citizens of a global 21st century.

Summary of CA Results FY2013
The Three Stages of Career Development - What Schools Can Do
The Three Stages of Career Development - What Businesses Can Do
Career Development Education - Activities Guide and Glossary
The Three Stages of Career Development - What Students Can Do
The Work-Based Learning Plan
ICCR Task Force Report
Greater New Bedford Internship Guide for Employers