Using the Massachusetts Career Ready Database


The Massachusetts Career Ready Database (MACR Database), formerly referred to as the MA Work-Based Learning database, is an important resource for the Commonwealth. It is the repository of a wealth of information about young people's work-based learning experiences, as well as a range of other career development education activities sponsored by many schools in partnership with WIBs.  It is accessible on line at this website (from the Sign In option in the upper right-hand corner).  It is used by a wide variety of programs all across Massachusetts, including many student internship programs, Cooperative Education programs, YouthWorks, WIA Youth, local summer jobs programs and other programs.

The database provides a placement screen for recording and managing work placement information, plus screens for each section of the Work-Based Learning Plan (WBLP), including the job description, skills/tasks, and performance reviews. It also provides a menu of reports and a bank of sample job descriptions and skills/tasks, and a rubric for evaluating foundation skills.  As such, it enables users to capture the most salient information about young people's work experiences, and ensures that they are not "just jobs" but also learning experiences.  These are the "career immersion" experiences, as that term is described in the ESE Career Development Education Guide and Glossary, that we hope all students will experience as part of their high school education.

The MACR database also offers several screens that capture important information about career awareness and career exploration activities as well, referred to in the database as the "Activities" screens.

Other features include:

* Reports Menu  -  enabling users to generate a range of informative reports about their students experiences

* Bank of sample job descriptions - these help staff to develop new WBLPs for new students, by learning from and borrowing language from earlier effective WBLPs

* Bank of sample skills/tasks

* Employer Screen  - Here, users capture relevant information about participating employers, important for communication with them, and also for understanding their needs

* Reflection Screen (for student journal reflections on WBLP skills/experiences)