Share Your Story

What is your school or community doing to support career development?

For example, do students participate in a career day, a guest speaker series, senior-year internships or senior capstone projects? Do you have a series of guidance workshops about career exploration? What opportunities do you provide for students in your school or community to build career skills and get ideas for the future?

Tell us about some of the activities and programs that you sponsor. We use this information to provide an overall look at the number of students and businesses participating in career development activities and to spotlight a few program descriptions on the map page on this website.

Share Your Story:


Student Participation: Number of students and participating grade levels
Participation from local businesses (if applicable)
Do you want us to include the activity name and description on the "Share Your Story" map? Yes, please share the activity name and description on the map
No - please include this information in summary data only