New Primer about Labor Market Information

Through Connecting Activities, ESE has recently published a new Primer and related materials about Labor Market Information (LMI).  The Primer can be found here:  CDE Page of ESE website with LMI Primer These materials provide a strong introduction to the important topic of LMI, and are designed to give educators, counselors and other practitioners training about accessing labor market information and understanding the structure of available LMI data, in support of their efforts to help students prepare for college and career. 

Our primary goal is to help education leaders, teachers and counselors help students make informed choices about postsecondary education and career paths.  Additionally, educational leaders need a deeper understanding of LMI to develop programming in schools, including new courses and career pathway opportunities, that are well-aligned with labor market needs. Stated more generally, these LMI materials will enhance the quality of Career Development Education (CDE) in Massachusetts. Research about Labor Market Information, effectively used, will enable students to learn about the enormous range of occupations and industries available to them, help them to pick electives in high school and  participate in any available career pathways and CDE activities relating to areas of interest, and identify good choices for post-secondary education.

ESE envisions that professionals in a wide range of settings will use this LMI primer, from middle and high school classrooms in which educators and counselors are helping guide student research about careers, to community settings where workforce professionals are supporting youth, whether in or out-of-school, that are placed in work-based learning experiences. This manual will be useful to educators in academic and comprehensive high schools as well as career vocational technical high schools. It will also support training and education being offered to adult learners in community colleges, workforce training programs, and other related programs throughout the state.

ESE will offer numerous and varied methods for interested people to become familiar with these materials, including a webinar about LMI on November 17, a series of regional trainings to be offered in the winter of 2016, and sessions at a number of state-wide convenings in the spring of 2016.  Stay tuned for more details.

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