Kayla S., a recent graduate of Dartmouth High School (DHS), got one step closer to conquering the skies, as she took part in a year-long internship at the New Bedford Regional Airport (EWB) during FY15.

Attention all Connecting Activities Stakeholders:  During School Year 2016-2017, the Executive Office of Education, the STEM Council and ESE are collaborating to increase the number of STEM employers that offer paid internships to high school students.  This important initiative is being led by Governor Baker and his team, and is perfect fit for the Connecting Activities mission.  Stay tuned for news about this!

Are you a principal, counselor, teacher or other educational leader at a Massachusetts high school? Connecting Activities provides a statewide infrastructure that can support your efforts to make sure all your students are future ready.

Student intern working on a soldering project in her internship in the Women in Technology program at Tyco
High school students interning at Tyco Int. in Westminster learn soldering

The Commonwealth's 16 local workforce investment boards (WIBs) are the lead partners with ESE responsible for implementing the Connecting Activities initiative.  With state funding, the WIBs staff the intermediary role linking employers with schools and students to provide career development experiences.

The WIBs have primary responsibility for meeting the workforce development needs of youth and adults across the Commonwealth.

The Connecting Activities initiative offers multiple connections for schools in the Commonwealth to support their efforts to help prepare all students for success after high school.  

 Currently, over 170 high schools are "partners" of the CA network, and many more are joining as "members."  Read more . . .

Student intern at workstation
Connecting Activities gives students access to high performance work sites

Students can find out here about ways to improve their prospects after high school, no matter what kind of post-secondary education they are planning.  Read on to learn more about opportunities for setting personal goals, finding in-demand careers, or designing internships with the MA Work-Based Learning Plan.

Students can find out what local resources might be available to them here . . .

Students at a South Shore event
Student interns on the South Shore dress for success!

Employers are essential partners in the Connecting Activities initiative. They provide students with powerful career development opportunities to prepare them for the world of work.  While thousands of students are served each year, there is a pressing need for more employer partners.

Click here to locate your local workforce investment board to get connected to schools ready to partner with you.

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From the Field

Exploring an interest in the construction trades, this student worked ten hours per week with a local plumbing contractor, working at homes under new construction, and older homes being renovated.  He observed the daily routine and demands of the company, and, upon completion of the internship was offered a job by the company.

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